Monday, November 7, 2011

Will Your Home Pass Inspection?--Part Four

Moving on Monday

Before you purchase a new home, you have an inspector look at it for any major problems. The results may be a deal breaker if the issues are serious enough. If you have your home for sale, put yourself in the buyer's shoes. What would they find on a home inspection of your property?

Avoid any surprises by having your own home inspection. Last week, we had a checklist of things to look for in the attic. This week, we're looking at another storage space--your basement.

• Do walls show signs of seepage or past water damage?
• Are there cracks in the foundation?
• Is there rot in the woodwork?
• Is the electricity up to code?
• Are there signs of leakage from plumbing?
• Are basement windows operational? Broken?
• Do the stairs to the basement have a railing?
• Are stairs uneven/of equal height?
• Are there signs of pest or rodent infestation?
• Are there signs of water leakage from upper floors?
• Is the insulation adequate?
• Are there holes where the foundation meets the walls?
• Is the sump pump operational?
• Does the sump pump have battery back-up?

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