Wednesday, November 9, 2011

General Organizing Tips for Writers

Writer Wednesday

So far, we've been talking about organizing tips specific to aspects of writing, from tracking submissions to networking. But writers are people too. They have the same challenges in their day-to-day lives as we all do. So here are some general organizing tips for writers.

• Sort and purge your office supplies and files before purchasing anything new. You may be able to save money once you pare down and see what you already own.
• Repurpose your belongings rather than purchasing new organizing products. A coffee mug works well as a pencil cup. An empty check box can hold small pads of sticky notes. An egg carton can hold paper clips, binder clips, rubber bands and other small items.
• Think vertical when planning your work space. Utilize the walls as well as the floor.
• Use a pencil when entering appointments in your planner. Anything can change, and it's easier to erase an entry than try and scratch out pen and write over it.
• Set up a tickler file (days 1-31 and months 1-12) to remind you about upcoming tasks and events.

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