Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Safety During the Holidays--Entertaining

Tips for Tuesday

The holidays are fast approaching. Along with them, are the stresses for preparations. Part of the holiday tradition is entertaining family and friends, whether it's a cozy cookie exchange with the ladies or a formal dinner with the boss.

While these are fun times, there are some hazards associated with entertaining. Take cautions so you aren't a victim.

• Keep an eye on the stove, oven or grill when cooking. Unattended cooking is the leading cause of house fires in the U.S.
• If deep frying a turkey, keep the fryer at least ten feet away from the house.
• Turn pot handles in when cooking so you don't bump into them and little hands can't grab them.
• Unplug small electric appliances such as mixers and waffle irons when you are done with them so they don't get turned back on accidentally.
• Keep dangling cords on the counter and set back so kids or pets can't reach them.
• Don't leave hot dishes or liquids near the edge of the counter. Kids or pets might pull them over, or someone might brush up against the counter and knock them over.
• Supervise children when they are in the kitchen.
• Test all food for temperature before serving so it isn't too hot.
• Test internal temperature of meats to ensure they are cooked enough.
• When cooking on the stove top, always have a lid handy. If a grease fire starts, slide the cover over the pan and turn off the heat.
• Test smoke alarms before guests arrive.
• Place hot pots and pans on hot pads or towels. Never place them directly from the oven onto the counter or table.

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