Friday, November 11, 2011

Saving on Cosmetics

Frugal Friday

It is said that even during a recession or depression, cosmetics still sell well. Even when time are difficult, it's important to look and feel pretty. Here are some tips for saving money on cosmetics.

• To get a higher yield from powdered products, tape over half the holes.
• Don't follow directions on shampoo bottles that say "repeat." You only need to shampoo once.
• Seal your newly polished nails with a coat of baby oil. This will make them shiny and keep them from chipping.
• Ask for samples at the cosmetics counters. Say you want to try it for a week before purchasing.
• Hair dryers will last longer if you clean the lint from the screen.
• Beauty schools offer significant discounts on services under the supervision of an instructor.
• Purchase your cosmetics from a big-box store rather than a specialty or department store.

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