Friday, November 18, 2011

Saving Money on Clothing Care

Frugal Friday

We like to look our best when going to work, out with friends or to a special event. We can't always afford to buy new clothes for special occasions. But our wardrobes may be looking a little sad.

Here are some tips to keeping your clothes and accessories in ship-shape condition so you can still look good without spending money.

• Remove pills from sweaters by shaving them with a clean electric razor or buffing them with a pumice stone.
• Try fixing a stubborn zipper with soap or spray starch before tossing the item.
• Mend rips in unlined raincoats with transparent adhesive tape on the inside of the coat.
• Use padded hangers for knit items. Make your own padded hangers with old shoulder pads from dated tops.
• Dot clear nail polish on button threads to keep them from fraying.
• Toothpaste (without whitening agents) can remove scuffs from shoes. (Do not use on patent leather.)
• Polish suede shoes and boots with fine-grade sandpaper.
• Use old pantyhose to polish leather shoes.
• Use auto paint to cover knicks and tears in high heels.
• Shine leather shoes with vegetable oil.
• Spray the toes in your pantyhose with hairspray to strengthen them, or rub beeswax on toes and heels.
• Use clear nail polish to stop runs in nylon stockings.
• Putting lotion on your feet, heels, legs and hands will make it less likely for hosiery to snag.
• Pantyhose and tights last longer when stored in a plastic bag in the freezer.

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