Friday, November 4, 2011

Saving on Energy Costs--Communication

Frugal Friday

We all like to save money. Whether it's finding something on sale or clearance, using coupons or being smart about appliance use, the less we spend, the more we can save for emergencies, college tuition or retirement.

These last weeks on Frugal Friday, we've been addressing ways to save money on energy costs--electric, heating, water, etc. Up this week--saving on communication.

• When shopping for a new computer, think refurbished. Find one that comes with a warranty.
• Make 'phone calls' from your computer using a service like 'Skype'. Or look into VoIP services that charge much less per month than traditional phone service.
• Evaluate your land line extras. Are there any services like call forwarding or caller ID that you can cancel?
• Sign up for online bill pay for all your utilities and credit cards. Many banks offer this service at no charge.
• Opt for slower internet service--but be prepared to be patient.
• Never pay for an extended warranty at electronics stores. The manufacturer's warranty usually offers enough coverage for the life of the product.
• Connect all electronics to a surge protector so you don't have to replace them in the event of a power outage.
• Look for appliances and electronics at garage sales. Many times people would rather sell it than pack it.

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