Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Streamlining Your Life--At the Grocery Store

Tips for Tuesday

Grocery shopping is time consuming. You need to plan your menus, write your list, look for coupons, drive to the store, look for items that are on sale, wait in the checkout lines and put everything away when you get home. There are some things you can do to make the trip easier.

• Create a pre-printed grocery list either by aisle or food group. Print one out as soon as you return form the store. Hang it somewhere handy in the kitchen. Then check off items you use up or know you'll need the next time you shop. Make your own, or print one from online, such as this one from OrganizeTips.com--http://www.organizetips.com/grocer.htm
• Clip coupons from your Sunday paper every week and file them by category. Check your shopping list for coupons before you go to the store.
• Make up your menu for the coming week so you know which ingredients you'll need to purchase.
• Economy-size packages may not always be the cheapest. Check unit pricing for the best deal.
• Avoid grocery shopping altogether by using a grocery delivery service. The same goes for prescription medications.

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