Thursday, September 8, 2011

Overview of Senior Communities

Senior Thursday

There are as many different types of facilities for seniors as there are needs. Some seniors are still active and working. Others are retired, but can't live on their own and take care of a house. Yet others are too ill to take care of any of their daily needs.

Here is a summary of different types of facilities and their levels of care.

These are generally for people 55 years of age or older. The senior purchases the home and it can be sold when moving out. They can be single family homes, attached, or apartments. Most communities have club houses and golf courses, along with other activities. Health care is not normally included.

These facilities offer a carefree lifestyle with a built-in support system. Residents pay an entry fee, along with a monthly fee. There are different types of contracts, depending upon the seniors situation:
• Extensive--Provide shelter, services, amenities and long term care. Monthly fees do not increase.
• Modified--Provide shelter, services, amenities and a specified amount of nursing care. Additional care can be purchased in the future if necessary.
• Fee for Service--Provide shelter, services, amenities and emergency and short-term nursing care. There is an entrance fee , and low monthly fees. Long term care is available at an additional cost if necessary.
• Rental Agreement--There is no entrance fee. This is for housing only, and health expense are paid for as needed.

These are designed for individuals who need help with daily activities. Staff is available 24 hours a day. Most offer three meals a day, housekeeping and laundry services. Medicare does not cover assisted living care. Most of the cost is covered by private pay.

These are for people who need significant assistance with activities of daily living. Most provide different levels of care, from skilled nursing to rehabilitative. Services include room and board, personal care, and medical care. Most offer structured activities and recreation. Medicare might pay for a limited number of days.

The facility you choose for yourself or your family member will depend on physical health, mental capactity, and income. Make an informed decision.

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