Friday, September 16, 2011

More Frugal Cleaning Tips

Frugal Friday

Last week we gave you some useful cleaning tips that will save you money. Here are more tips for saving pennies (or even dollars) when cleaning your home. These solutions are also eco-friendly. Why use harsh chemicals when you can use something good for the environment?

• A solution of baking soda and water works well as a deodorizer for your kitchen and bath. Add a drop of essential oil for a scented version.
• Place a bowl of water and one of ammonia in your oven while it is still warm. Let it sit overnight. You will be able to wipe away any accumulated grease in the morning.
• Save the corks from your wine bottles. Use the clean side to rub on tarnished silverware. It will pick up whatever is tarnishing the surface.
• Vinegar and water (1:3)will clean your crystal stemware without streaking. Wipe clean with soft rag, and air dry upsidedown.
• Rubbing alcohol will remove spots from stainless steel surfaces.
• Remove tea stains from mugs and teapots--Fill with warm water, then dissolve denture cleaning tablets in the water. Let sit for about an hour--time varies depending on severity of the stain.

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