Friday, September 30, 2011

Caring for Expensive China and Glassware

Frugal Friday

You never like to break anything, even if it's just a juice glass or dessert plate. Who wants to have to go out and spend more money just because they were careless? Even worse, is breaking something expensive like china or crystal.

There are ways to care for your precious pieces, though, that will preserve their life.

• Place delicate china in quilted storage containers.
• Rather than stacking delicate cups, install hooks on the underside of your cabinet shelves and hang the cups from the hooks.
• Pouring hot liquid into non-tempered glass can cause them to crack. Place a metal spoon in the glass before pouring so it will absorb the heat.
• Place a rubber mat in the bottom of your sink when you wash your crystal. Never put your crystal in the dishwasher, even on the delicate cycle.
• If you chip or nip a piece of crystal, take it to a jeweler so he can file it down. This will avoid you having to purchase a new one.
• If you need to replace glassware, go to a restaurant supply store rather than a department store. Items will be cheaper and last longer.

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