Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Streamline Your Tasks Around the Home

Tips for Tuesday

Does your life seem busier than ever? Take all your day-to-day tasks, add in the hours you work outside the home and the hours you spend driving your children around, and you are left with precious little time to yourself. Here are some tips to help you streamline your life, get things done more quickly, and have more time for yourself and your family.

• Keep new garbage bags at the bottom of the cans for quick replacement at take-out time.
• Keep a vacuum cleaner and cleaning supplies on each level of the house so you don’t have to drag everything up and down stairs.
• Keep vinegar in a spray bottle for quick clean-up of windows, drains, etc..
• Bring a basket or box along while cleaning to collect items for other rooms—put stray items away when you get to that room.
• Line roasting pans with foil for easy clean-up.
• Cook in bulk and freeze extra servings for busy evenings.
• Use clear containers whenever possible for easy viewing of contents.
• Label any non-transparent boxes in storage so you know their contents without having to open them/
• Purchase a programmable thermostat to save time switching settings back and forth, and to save on heating/cooling bills.
• Tape your repairman’s phone number to furnace, water heater, etc., so you don’t have to search for it in an emergency.
• Program frequently-used phone numbers into your home and cellular phones.
• Keep a supply of greeting cards on hand for unexpected events such as illnesses and deaths.

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