Thursday, September 1, 2011

Helping Your Aging Parents--Collecting Vital Information

Senior Thursday

As the primary caregiver for your aging parents, you will need to know all the personal information necessary to care for them. You will also need to know this in case of an emergency. Make a list of the following and keep it handy:

• Name and phone number of physician, pharmacist, and other medical caregivers
• Names and doses of prescription meds, and over the counter medications
• Medical insurance information
• Life insurance information
• Names and phone numbers of friends and other relatives of the elder
• Parish the elder belongs to
• Extra set of keys to the person’s home or apartment
• Extra key to safe deposit box or in-home safe
• Name and phone number of close neighbor
• Name of bank and bank account number—have yourself put on the account
• Name and phone number of financial advisor
• Name and phone number of lawyer
• List of all the bank, savings, investment accounts
• List of all insurance policies

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