Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Streamline Your Life--General Tips for Errands

Tips for Tuesday

You lead a busy life, working, shuffling children around, attending family commitments, etc. There are times you wonder how you are going to get it all done. Especially with all the errands that are a part of everyday life. Here is the first in a series of blogs about streamlining your errands and shopping to save you time.

General Tips
• Write out all your stops before you head out the door so you take the shortest route and won't be backtracking. Check times of operation for businesses before you leave so you don't arrive at a store that isn't open yet, resulting in a trip back later in the day.
• Order stamps by mail—they’ll be delivered to your mailbox at no extra charge. The Post Office also ships supplies like priority mail envelopes/boxes at no cost to you.
• Barter with friends—trade one of your errands or tasks with one of theirs to avoid an additional trip. Plan in advance in case you have to bring an item, such as library books, to your friend's house before they are due.
• Limit your kids’ activities. Even one activity can mean several trips per week, with practices and games or performances. Allow one activity per child to save on your sanity--and their health.

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