Friday, September 2, 2011

Frugal Tips at the Grocery Store

Frugal Friday

We've covered several things you can do to save money in your kitchen. But saving money and being frugal begins at the grocery store. You will want the best deals and to make the smartest choices. Here are some tips for being frugal at the grocery store.

Buy only what you need. Make a menu for the week, and buy the ingredients you will need for those meals. Also make sure you have your staples on hand at all times.
Buy only from your list. Don't buy items in the aisles or at the ends of the aisles unless you need them. They are there for the sole purpose of enticing you to buy something you don’t need.
Weigh your produce. If you are paying by the piece, select the largest apples, cantelopes, etc. And weigh bags of potatoes or other pre-packaged items. Even though they say "10 lbs", some bags can weigh slightly more than others.
Shop the perimeter of the store. This is where all the fresh items are. Buying your own ingredients and making meals is much cheaper than purchasing frozen meals and packaged dinners. And healthier too!
Bring your coupons. Keep your coupons in your purse or car so you have them whenever you stop in at the store. Combine store coupons with manufacturer's coupons for best deals.
Bigger isn't always better. You may be tempted to purchase larger sizes because it seems like a better deal. However, look at the fine print on the shelf label. The store usually posts the cost per unit, such as ounce or piece. Sometimes smaller sizes are the better deals if they are on sale. Also, you may not use the entire contents of larger packages before it spoils. Then it really wasn't a bargain.
Bottom line: Be a smart shopper.

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