Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Principles of Sorting--Part Two

Senior Thursday

Everyone's family will face the time when they must sort through the belongings of senior family members or aging parents. This may be as a result of a move to assisted living, or upon the senior's passing. If the senior is still alive, the decisions are more difficult, whether the move is to a retirement community or a nursing home. In most cases, the new home is smaller, and thus, many of their possessions can't go with them.

The second core principle of sorting is to avoid imposing personal values on the family member's lifestyle or belongings.

Some individuals are comfortable with more clutter. Some are minimalists. Neither is right or wrong. Your role is to help the family member create a new home that works for him or her, not for you.

Sorting is not about identifying the most valuable or newest items. It is about what is most dear. Encourage clients to use what they enjoy most.

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