Monday, October 24, 2011

Will Your Home Pass Inspection?--Part Two

Moving On Monday

Before you purchase a new home, you have an inspector look at it for any major problems. The results may be a deal breaker if the issues are serious enough. If you have your home for sale, put yourself in the buyer's shoes. What would they find on a home inspection of your property?

Avoid any surprises by having your own home inspection. The next few weeks will be a checklist of things to look for around your home. Here's what to look at when inspecting the exterior of your home.

• Is the driveway cracked or uneven?
• Are doors and windows rotted or peeling?
• Is there fire protection between house and garage?
• Is there fire protection between house and garage?
• Does the garage door opener/safety mechanism work?
• Is the floor cracked? Clean?

• Are trees and shrubs clear/trimmed from the house?
• Are large trees far enough from the house that they don't pose threat to foundation?
• Are trees and shrubs trimmed to allow clear view of road?
• Are trees and shrubs clear from walkways and entryway?
• Does land grade away from house for proper drainage?

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