Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Principles of Sorting--Part Five

Senior Thursday

Everyone's family will face the time when they must sort through the belongings of senior family members or aging parents. This may be as a result of a move to assisted living, or upon the senior's passing. If the senior is still alive, the decisions are more difficult, whether the move is to a retirement community or a nursing home. In most cases, the new home is smaller, and thus, many of their possessions can't go with them.

Another core principle of sorting is “first things first.” Know your goals before you begin sorting. Identify what needs to be done first. Do personal artifacts need to be removed before an Estate Sale? Do essentials need to be packed for a new home? Do any pieces of furniture need emptying before a family member takes them? Does the house need to be readied for the market? Look at your priorities and address them accordingly.

Some seniors use sorting to postpone the move. They worry about what will happen to each item, so they postpone the decisions so they can postpone the move. However, they should rather focus on what is going with them to their new home. If time and finances allow, go ahead and complete the move with the necessities, then return to the old home to sort what is left to get the process moving.

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