Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Caring for Your Jewelry

Tips for Tuesday

Last week we explored several creative options for storing your jewelry. Today, we are going to talk about caring for your jewelry. If gold and stones aren't cared for properly, they can break or get damaged. You don't want that to happen to your expensive pieces.

Even costume jewelry needs care so it lasts as long as it is in fashion (or comes back in fashion again.)

Here are ways to keep your jewelry looking its best:

• Check your jewelry every time you wear it for damaged links and faulty clasps. Have rings checked by a jeweler twice a year for loose stones.
• Fasten chains when you are not wearing them so they don't get knots.
• Sprinkle costume jewelry with baking powder, then gently brush with a soft toothbrush.
• Soak valuable jewelry in a solution of dishwashing liquid and water in a bowl for a few minutes, then brush gently with a toothbrush. Dry thoroughly with a hair dryer.
• Emeralds, pearls, opals and turquoise should not be cleaned in this solution. Emeralds should be professionally cleaned. Opals, turquoise and pearls can be rubbed gently with a chamois cloth.
• If you take your rings off when you wash dishes, keep a large safety pin near the sink. Place the rings on the pin, then fasten the pin to your clothes.
• Restring broken necklaces with fishing line, as it is very sturdy.
• Chains knotted? Place them on wax paper, put a drop of baby oil on the knot, then untangle them with pins or needles.
• If rings are stuck on your hands, lather them up with soap, or soak hands in ice water if they are swollen from the heat.

Caring for your valuable possessions will guarantee they will be with your family for generations.

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