Friday, October 7, 2011

Decorating on a Budget

Frugal Friday

We all like our homes to be pretty. And wouldn't it be wonderful if they could look like model homes? Or those glossy photos in magazines?

While we may not all be able to afford the furniture and accessories, there are ways to achieve the look without the expense. Here are some frugal decorating tips:

• To give a room a new look, try rearranging the furniture. Place a chair on a diagonal, or move a lamp. You'll be surprised how little changes can make a big impact.
• Check your local paper for hotel sales. When they remodel, they often sell the barely-used, high-quality furniture at very low rates.
• Buy cheap, ugly framed art at yard sales, then toss the art and keep the frame.
• Purchase photo books or calendars, carefully take out pages, then frame the photo for inexpensive art. This looks expecially sophisticated when hanging a series of connected photos like gardens or black & white images.
• Outdoor furniture tends to be less expensive than indoor. Use it when you can for playrooms and basements. It's also more rugged than indoor furniture.
• Use beach towels to recover indoor-outdoor furniture.
• Check classified ads and Craig's List for deals on furniture. Many people are practically giving furniture away when they are moving.
• Purchase lamps and shades at thrift stores. Paint the bases, and decorate the shades for a new look.

What have you done as an inexpensive decorating project?

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