Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Creative Storage Solutions for Jewelry

Tips for Tuesday

Do you have a drawer or box full of jewelry? Is it a tangled mess, making it impossible to find what you need? And when you find it, is it easy to disentagle it from the other pieces?

Yes, it's easy to just throw what you've worn for the day into a drawer. But it's NOT easy finding it again when you need it.

Here are some creative storage solutions to keep your jewelry tangle-free and make it easy to quickly find what you need.

• Use small finger-tip or dessert bowls to hold rings
• Thoroughly wash a stryofoam egg carton and use it for earrings, rings or pins
• Use an upright paper towel rod to hold bracelets
• Use a tiered dessert or cake stand for necklaces
• Paint and frame a screen or radiator grille, then hang necklaces from hooks, or stick earrings through it
• Purchase a hanging organizer with clear plastic pockets
• Use an over-the-door pocket shoe organizer for scarves
• Decorate and use a tackle box for earrings
• Purchase a cork board and decorative push pins, then hang your necklaces from the push pins

Never display your expensive pieces of jewelry. And never store them in the right-hand top drawer of your dresser. That is the first place thieves look for them.

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