Thursday, June 30, 2011

Benefits of Deciding to Downsize Now

Senior Thursday

It is often difficult to make the decision to move after the children have moved out. You may have been in your home for 25 or even 45 years. You're comfortable with the home. You're comfortable with the neighborhood. You have many friends in the area.

So even though the house may be a handful, you don't want to leave.

But making the decision to leave now is better for you than waiting until you are forced out of your home.

First of all, you will have the power to make the decisions. Whether the decision includes where to move or what to bring with, you have the mental and physical capabilities to make those decisions for yourself. You don't have to live with another family member's decision on what may be best for you.

Second, making your own decisions will result in a new home that suits your needs, not your family’s. Your family may want you close to them, or in an assisted living facility.But you would prefer to move close to friends or into an active adult community. This should be your decision since you are the one who will experience it.

Finally, you will have time to enjoy your new home while you are still active. If you wait until you are ill or mentally incompetent, what pleasure will you get from the move? Select something now that will give you the excitement and lifestyle you want

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