Monday, June 6, 2011

Moving Soon? Start decluttering now!

Welcome to our new blogging format. Mondays are for Moving! Our posts on Mondays will cover tips and advice for having a smooth move.

Moving on Mondays
Are you moving soon? Are you moving next year? Are you moving in a few years? Are you looking to downsize?
Whether your move is three months or three weeks away, you should be preparing now. Get rid of all that extra clutter that has accumulated in your garage, basement and closets. If you haven't opened those boxes in a year or more, do you really need what's inside?
Sometimes what you packed away years ago meant a lot to you then. But does it hold the same meaning now?
Make these decisions as you go through each of the boxes. Put aside those items you really want to keep, and donate or throw away the rest.
After all, do you want to pay the movers to move something that really means nothing to you?

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