Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Keeping Track of Research--Part Two

Writer Wednesday

There is so much research to keep track of for writing, that we had to break this into two parts. It's an important part of writing, because you never know when you will need to access the information.

Here are more tips for keeping track of research.

• If you interview someone for your project, keep a record of all names, dates, phone numbers and topics of conversation. Also note best times for contact if applicable.
• If you come across an article in a magazine, tear it out and save it, noting the publication and date on the page. There is no need to keep the entire magazine for one article.
• Keep a database (electronic or paper) for all sources you borrow. This will help you retrieve it again if you need it, and also to know what has to be returned to its owner.
• Make a notation of the URL for any pages you print from the internet. This usually prints automatically on the page--verify it for accuracy.
• Save favorite web sites in folders and subfolders according to subject. Use the same folder structure you have in your file drawers for easiest retrieval.
• Back up your favorites folders to an online service or an external hard drive.

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