Friday, June 17, 2011

Use Less to Save More

Frugal Friday

The best part about being organized is that you will need less in your home. You will need to buy less because you will have learned to live with less.

Here are some ways you can save money by using less in your laundry room:

• Cut dryer softener sheets in half before tossing them in with clothes.
• Use slightly less than the recommended amount of liquid detergent in your washing machine. You will still get the same results.
• Wash one larger load rather then several small ones if the fabrics can be laundered together. This will save water and electricity.
• Dry clothes only half way, then hang them to air dry the rest of the way.
• Clip pairs of socks together so you don't lose any.
• Pay careful attention to washing instructions so you don't ruin your clothes.
• Wash delicates in a pillow case tied at the end.
• Wash clothes that tend to pill inside out to prevent this from happening.

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