Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Store Items Where You Use Them--Bed and Bath

Tips for Tuesday

Although this makes perfect sense, many people, for whatever reason, don't store items near where they use them. Maybe whoever helped them move in decided where things should go. Maybe the space is better designed elsewhere for what you want to store. Maybe you were pressed for time and just put things wherever they would fit. However, your life will run more smoothly if you follow this simple rule--store items near where you use them. Here are some tips for the bedroom and bathroom:

• If you have several bathrooms, keep towels and toiletries for each bathroom in that space.
• Keep linens for each bedroom near that bedroom. Designate a space in your linen closet for each bedroom.
• Store hair care items in the bathroom where you style your hair.
• Store jewelry near your bedroom mirror.
• Shoes are the last thing you put on when dressing, and the first thing you take off when you come home. Store them near the front of your closet.
• Place clothes you wear less often near the back of your closet, or farthest in from the door.
• Keep accessories such as belts and scarves near the front of the closet.
• You will be accessing your underwear and sock drawers every day. Keep these items in drawers that are higher up and easily accessed. Keep pajamas and workout clothes in lower drawers since you don't need them every day.

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