Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Keep Like Items Together--Garage

Tips for Tuesday

This is one of the basics of organizing--Keep like items together so you can easily find what you need when you need it. Here are some tips for the garage.

• Keep all gardening and lawn care items together. This includes gloves, shovels, snips, rake, hoses, plant food, weed killer, fertilizer, lawn mower, gas and oil for lawn mower, edger, weed whacker, and extra line. Hang what you can on the wall or pegboard. If you don't have drywall up, install horizontal 2x4s between the studs to use as shelves for cans and other small items. Keep anything that is hazardous up and away from children.
• Keep all sporting equipment together. Have a separate area for each sport--a rack for your golf clubs, a rack for softball and baseball mitts, bats and gloves, and a rack or basket for soccer balls and volley balls. If the children use it, then store it within their reach so they can put it away. Have hooks for uniforms or rain gear. Place a rubber mat on the ground for muddy shoes.
• Keep all car care items together--windshield washer, oil, soap, wax, rags, tire gauge, air hose, snow brushes, and flat tire fixer. Designate a shelf or cabinet for these items. Check air pressure on your tires on a regular basis for maximum mileage.
• Keep all tools together. This includes larger items like hand tools, power tools, ladders, and tarps, as well as small items like screws, nails and washers. Containerize all small items such as screwdrivers and hammers. Keep power tools in their cases with all the parts. Keep an extra battery plugged in for emergency use.
• Keep all house repair/decorating items together--paint brushes, pans and tarps, plumbing parts, wallpapering tools, extra grout and paint, etc. Further categorize by function--that is, keep all plumbing-related items together, all painting items together. Place smaller items in plastic bins and label clearly, then place bins on shelves.

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