Monday, July 25, 2011

Selling Your Home--Curb Appeal

Moving on Monday

When buyers are looking for a home, they start their search with certain criteria, then look at photos of homes that fit that criteria. There are many houses on the market, so unless your house looks its best, you will not get many buyers to visit your home. Therefore, your home must look its best from the outside as well as the inside.

What impression does your house give to someone driving past?
• Is the lawn looking healthy?
• Are the bushes and trees trimmed?
• Are the gardens weeded and watered?
• Is the address readily visible from the street?
• Are lights working?
• Are the gutters and roof in good repair?
• Are the sidewalks and driveway in good condition?
• Are the shutters hanging straight?
• Is the paint peeling?
• Is the siding clean and in good condition?
• Does the mailbox need to be replaced or repaired?

Front door— Buyers will stand at your front door an average of 15 seconds while the realtor unlocks it.
• Is the paint chipped?
• Are windows clean?
• Is the stoop swept or shoveled?
• Is the welcome mat clean?
• Are lights working?
• Is the lock easy to open?
• Is the hardware clean and polished?

The Yard
• Are the garbage cans somewhere discreet?
• Are lawns clear of debris and construction material?
• Is the patio/deck in good condition?
• Is the patio furniture clean or rusty and broken?
• Is the yard cleaned up from pets?
• Is the fence straight, painted?
• Is the pool clean?
• Is the hot tub in working order?

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