Thursday, July 21, 2011

Limit What Comes Into Your Home

Senior Thursday

When you downsize, your space is limited. Even though you have pared down your belongings to fit into your new home, it is still important to control what comes into the home so it doesn't get over stuffed. There are steps you can take to ensure your house stays clean and uncluttered.

• For every new item that comes into your home, get rid of one. This may be a piece of clothing, a kitchen appliance or a book. Keeping to this habit will ensure that you will never have more books than your bookshelf can hold, more appliances than your pantry can handle, or more sweaters than can possibly fit into your closet.
• If you don't need it, don't buy it. Yes, there are many things that we want--pretty things to make us happy. Maybe it's a new pair of shoes, or a knick-knack for the bookshelf, or a picture for the wall. But before you buy it, ask yourself--do I WANT it, or do I NEED it? If you only want it, seriously ask yourself it there is space in your home for it. If you purchase it, make sure something else leaves the home.
• Repurpose what you already own. Before purchasing anything new, think if there is something in your home that will serve the same purpose. For example, you need a place to store beach towels and summer toys for the grandchildren. You are thinking of buying a small cabinet for the back hallway. But then you remember that old television stand in the garage that is waiting to go to charity. It has doors, and is still in good condition. So why not use it for the towels? Re-use what you already have, rather than buying something new.

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