Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Unusual Uses for Household Items

Tips for Tuesday

While we buy specific products for specific purposes, like a colander to strain pasta, we never think about other uses for that item.  Who goes into the kitchen section to purchase a colander with the intent of using it to drip-dry your delicates after hand-washing.  Yet there are many items that can be used for something other than their intended purpose. 

·         Use old fabric softener sheets to quickly dust your dresser or wipe the front of a tube TV.

·         Use baby wipes for a quick clean-up of light switch plates or telephones.

·         Clean empty cans to hold small items in your garage or basement.  Be careful of sharp edges around children.

·         Place coffee filters between fine china when storing.

·         Use ice cube trays as drawer organizers.

·         Use shower caps to protect your shoes when traveling.

·         Use toothpaste to clean chrome fixtures.

·         Use wine glasses as candle holders (tealights only).

·         Use plastic bowls as organizers in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

·         Use paperclips for electronic reset buttons

This can help you save money and space in your home, by multi-tasking what you buy.

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