Monday, August 20, 2012

Moving Yourself with Portable Containers

Moving on Monday

One way to save money when moving is to use portable containers, or pods.  These are units that are delivered to your home and you fill yourself.  They come in a variety of sizes and styles.  Some are made of corrugated steel, some are soft-sided, and others are wood. If you are moving a long distance, wood or steel containers would work best.

Some containers are small and only hold about 1 ½ rooms.  Others are 10-12 ft long and hold several rooms.  Companies can help you estimate the number of units you will need for your move.  You should make a detailed list of the furniture and contents of your rooms, including basement, garage and attic for an accurate count.  They will also need to know how many boxes you will be packing with the contents of your cabinets. 

Once you know how many units you need, you can set up delivery of the units.  Check with your local government agency to see if they have restrictions on the number of days a unit can be in front of your house.  You will also have to let the company know of any possible hazards, such as low-hanging wires, narrow streets or steep driveways.  This may limit the size of containers you can have delivered.

When the containers are dropped off, start filling them, using every inch of space so things don't move around.  Use bungee cords to hold your furniture against the sides of the unit.  Be sure to cover breakables and furniture with moving pads so they don't break or get scratched.  Place heavy items on the bottom, and lighter items on top.  Never put flammables or hazardous materials in the containers.

Once they are loaded, the company will pick them up and take them to the new location.  They can also hold them in storage for you if you won't be going directly to your new home.  After unloading them at the new house, the company will pick up the empty containers. 

While this is a money-saving option for you, it requires strength, patience and skill.  You will have to move all heavy furniture yourself—no experienced movers to help.  So be sure this is something you can handle before signing the papers.

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