Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Preparing Your Home for Another School Yea

Tips for Tuesday

You’ve done the back-to-school shopping.  You’ve bought all the supplies your children need.  You have new outfits for school photos.  And you labeled everything with your child’s name.  But what about your home? Is it ready for another school year?  Just as teacher’s need to prepare the classroom, you should prepare your home for another year of homework and extra-curricular activities.

First, create an environment at home that is conducive to studying.  Your child(ren) should have their own quiet space for doing homework.  It should be well-lit and away from distractions.  Make sure they have the supplies they need to complete their homework.  In addition to pens, paper and calculators, have extras like poster board and CDs on hand for school projects that pop up.

Get your children into a routine.  Have a place for their backpack(s) when they get home.  Set a time for their snack, homework, dinner and fun time.  Have them make their lunch and set out clothes for the next day before they go to bed.  And establish a launching pad for everything going out the door in the morning.

Keep your children healthy with sufficient sleep, meals high in protein, and plenty of exercise.  Enroll them in extra-curricular activities that will keep them active.  Stay on top of their moods, and note any changes.  This may indicate an underlying physical or mental problem.

School can be a stressful enough time for some children.  You can help ease that stress by providing a healthy, organized environment for them.  Make this their best school year ever.

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