Monday, August 6, 2012

Creating a Master List for Packing

Moving on Monday

One of the most frustrating things about packing is being able to find something when you need it.  Perhaps you started packing early so your house would show less cluttered.  But four weeks after packing up your formal dresses and shoes, you're invited to a wedding and you need the shoes and dress.  So you go looking for it. 

You come across several boxes marked 'shoes' because you've packed up the entire family.  There are also several wardrobes all taped up.   But which box holds the shoes you need, and where is the dress?  You could open all the boxes until you find the right one.  Or you could go out and buy another dress and pair of shoes.  Or, if you had created a list while you were packing, you'd be able to go directly to the box you need and find the shoes.

In order to avoid this sort of issue, create a list while you are packing.  There are different ways to do this.  The easiest way is to write a detailed description of the contents of each box on the outside.  Instead of merely writing "SHOES", write Mom's dress shoes, athletic shoes, Susie's flipflops, etc.  on the box.  This will help the movers in taking the boxes to the right location in the new home, and will help you.  When you start unpacking, you can collect all boxes with your shoes, for example, and empty them all at the same time.  This will make it easier to put them away, as you will see how much space you have for what you own.  It will also give you a good idea of any similar items, like five pairs of black flats.  As you put them away, you can ask yourself if you really need them all.

Another way to create a list is to number your boxes.  Then create a spread sheet or use a spiral notebook.  Write down the number of the box on your list, then write down a detailed contents of the box.  For example, if box number '3' contains bakeware, write "2 cookie sheets, 2  pizza pans, and 3 rectangular glass baking dishes" on your list.  This will help you find something if you need it, and help you set out boxes when unpacking.  You'll be able to look at your list and see that you need boxes 10 through 12 for the cabinets near the oven. 

A combination of these methods is best, as you will be able to locate an item by either box number or contents.

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