Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Different Uses for Hangers

Tips for Tuesday

We've been using hangers all our lives, watching the evolution from wood and wire to plastic and velvet.  There are special use hangers for pants, skirts, belts and ties.  Some hangers hold one item, some are designed to hold several items at once to save space in your closet.

But while we know what we usually use hangers for, here are some unusual uses for hangers.

Wire Hangers

·         Grabber/reacher—pull it at the bottom to lengthen it, then use the hook to grab wires or things you've dropped behind furniture, or to grab items from upper shelves.

·         Slip shower curtain rings over a hanger, then hang scarves from the rings.

·         Sunglasses—fold and slip them over the hanger.

Multi-Pant Hangers

·         Bracelets/necklaces

·         Ribbon

·         Scarves

·         Men's ties—sort by color on each rod.

·         Sweaters—fold as you would for the shelf, then slip over a rod.

Clamp or Clip Pants/Skirt Hangers

·         Hang photos/photo strips

·         Clip recipes onto the hanger, then hang it on your cabinet while cooking

Belt Hanger (with hooks)

·         Hang one in the kitchen for towels and oven mitts

What have you used hangers for?

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