Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bathtub and Shower Safety for Seniors

Senior Thursday

Bathrooms can be dangerous places because of slippery, wet surfaces.  But they are more so for seniors.  Seniors have less stability on their feet, and their bones are more brittle.  A fall can mean a bruise for someone in their 40s, but could be deadly for a senior.  Therefore, precautions should be taken for them at home.

·         All bathtub and shower areas should have grab bars.  They need to be installed professionally to hold up to the weight when pulled on. 

·         Showers and tubs should have rubber mats or some other non-slip surface.

·         Vertical grab bars from floor to ceiling are helpful in larger areas.

·         Areas should be kept clean because mildew and soap scum make surfaces even more slippery. 

·         Floors should be kept dry.  Make sure the shower curtain is kept securely inside the tub so no water splashes out. 

·         Use a transfer chair for the tub or shower if you are unstable on your feet.

·         Allow plenty of time to bathe.  Rushing can cause falls.

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