Monday, August 27, 2012

Home for Sale: Staging the Air in a Home – Yes, the Air!

Moving on Monday

When a house has all the features that an approved buyer is looking for, but the home’s air quality has everything left to be desired…

Home sellers, realtors, advisors all know the drill.  If a person wants to sell their home it has to be cleaned up, any excess furniture and other loved items put away or stored away from the house in order to make it look more presentable to possible buyers.  Few sellers or professionals consider de-cluttering the air.    

Habits that we have come to love, whether it is a cigar or cigarette or the love of spicy cooking, the odors fill a house as much as any large unsightly couch.   The evidence, however, is in the air.   Our pets, including furry felines, large or multiple dogs or birds, other pets can leave distinct and unwanted odors and dander in the air that may turn away a potential buyer before getting even a few feet into the door.  The home may have been a perfect fit, but not with an indoor air quality problem.

Sometimes perfumed air fresheners are used to cover up the offending odor and make the home more desirable.  These may hide the immediate problem, but just as putting a rug over a soft floor board doesn’t fix the floor, the perfume doesn’t make the house safe for future occupants, especially children or otherwise sensitive individuals.

Basements often have musty, moldy odors, even long after the water leak or flooding damage has been remediated.  That too must be changed before a house is put on the market.  

The solution is relatively easy, there are air purification units for rent or purchase that clean any of those problems in a short time.   No need to purchase multiple units;  the best ones are small, portable and will do the entire home in a relatively short time.   Best of all, they do the job.   Begin decluttering the air in your home – moving or not.  

If you have stale air in your home, selling or not, contact Brigitte Cornelius of TGI Clean Air & Water. She san help you come up with a solution that is best for your individual situation. 

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