Monday, June 4, 2012

Useful Moving and Packing Tips

Moving on Monday

When moving, we're pretty familiar with the basics—pack heavy items in small boxes, light items in large boxes, notify everyone of your new address, etc.  But there are tips we don't know without having experienced them.  Here are a few things to keep in mind for your move this summer.

·         Pack a full set of linens and blankets in a dresser drawer so you don't have to look for that box to unpack upon your arrival.
·         Bring your old phone book with you in case you have to contact someone from your old neighborhood.
·         If moving a refrigerator, place a sock or nylon filled with baking soda or charcoal inside so it smells fresh upon arrival.
·         Bring irreplaceable valuables with you in the car.  Don't leave them in the hands of the movers.  And never leave them in the car if you stay at a hotel.
·         Have your children write their name and address on their boxes of belongings so they can practice writing their new address.
·         Let your electronics sit and acclimate to room temperature before plugging them in.

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