Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Preparing and Packing the Car

Tips for Tuesday

Now that summer is in full swing, you’re probably ready to hit the road, whether it’s a family reunion weekend, a trip to the beach, or a road trip in the van with the kids.  Plan ahead, you will avoid the stresses associated with missing or forgotten items.

·         Take car in for servicing—check fluid levels
·         Have oil changed in car
·         Check tire pressure, and condition of tires
·         Make sure all lights are working properly
·         Clean out unnecessary items from trunk

·         Extra water for the car only
·         Toolkit for roadside emergencies
·         Owner’s manual
·         Insurance card, vehicle registration, auto club membership info
·         Duct tape
·         Jumper cables
·         Extra fuses
·         Air pressure gauge
·         First aid supplies
·         Flashlight and batteries
·         Fire extinguisher
·         Extra car keys
·         Pillows and blankets
·         Travel games
·      Chargers for phones and MP3 players
·         Plastic bags for refuse
·         Pack items you will need during the trip (cooler, games, snacks, etc.) separately from suitcases
·         Snacks and drinks in a cooler
·         Moist towelettes for washing hands
·         Paper towels or napkins
·         Roll of toilet paper

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