Friday, June 15, 2012

Green Cleaning—Uses for Lemons in the Bathroom

Frugal Friday

So many cleaning products on the market are full of dangerous chemicals that can harm both the environment and your health.  They are also expensive.  So why not look to the past for both inexpensive and healthier alternatives?  Over the next few weeks, we're going to look at ways to use common household products to clean your home.  This week, we'll look at using lemons in the bathroom.

·         Cut a lemon in half and place it cut-side up in a bowl in the bathroom for a natural, fresh smell.
·         Squeeze lemon juice on bathtub rings for easy cleaning.
·         Squeeze lemon juice onto grout and scrub with a toothbrush to brighten it.
·         Spray a solution of water and lemon on your mirror, then wipe with newspaper for a streak-free shine.
·         Spray a mixture of water and lemon juice on your shower doors, scrub with newspaper and rinse.
·         Soak a paper towel in lemon juice, wrap the towel around your faucet and let it sit for an hour to loosen the build-up.  Scrub with a stiff toothbrush.
·         Make a paste of lemon juice and borax, apply to the stains in your toilet bowl, let sit for a few hours, then scrub clean. 

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