Monday, June 11, 2012

Discard and Donate Before Moving

Moving on Monday

If you are planning to move soon, that means you are busy packing boxes and making last-minute arrangements.  You've called the moving company and made your reservation.  Like most movers, they charge by the hour.  So that means every box they take out, every piece of furniture, is on the clock.  So I ask you, do you want to pay them to move boxes you haven't opened for 20 years?  Do you want to pay them to move a bookcase that will probably end up in the garage? 

So doesn't it make sense to go through your belongings BEFORE you move? 

Start with big items.  Take a serious look at all your furniture.  Does it have a place in the new home?  Is it in good condition?  Will you have to replace it soon?  If you can do without it, then donate it.

As you pack for the move, do a quick evaluation of what you are putting in the boxes.  How many sets of sheets do you have?  How many do you need?  How many towels are you packing?  How about coffee mugs?  Do you really need every can cooler you received as giveaways at fairs or parades?  Think before packing everything.  Get rid of doubles, and throw away items that are broken or missing parts/pieces. 

Finally, open those boxes that have been sitting for years!  Chances are, if you haven't opened them in a while, you don't need what's inside them.  Donate it all for a tax deduction.

Move lighter!  Move cheaper!

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