Monday, June 18, 2012

Don't Wait Until the Last Minute

Moving on Monday

These last few days I've been working with a client who is moving out of state this week.  The client is a single male who has no family in the area.  Working full time, he doesn't have time to pack on his own.  His company is paying for the packing and moving.  However, he needs to de-clutter and throw out the trash he's been accumulating over the years.  Who wants to move garbage to their new apartment/life?

So I've been helping him sort through his belongings and make decisions on what to keep and what to donate or trash. 

We started in the garage, filling one half with donations, one quarter with garbage, and one quarter with things he's keeping.  Inside, we designated a room on each floor for donations.  The room will be marked as "Do Not Pack". 

While the process is working well, we are running out of time. We still have to find a charity to pick up his furniture and other donations.  We're still not sure if we can put all his garbage out on the curb this week.  Packing will be the easiest part of the job.  Except for all his paperwork.  We won't have time to sort through it before he moves.  So the packers will just tape up the boxes and ship them to storage in his new location.  The problem will be if he needs something important.  How will he find it?

This is why I encourage people to start as soon as possible before the move.  In this client's case, he is taking a new job.  He didn't have much notice.  However, when he started looking for a new job, he knew the possibility of moving out of state.  So he easily could have started sorting when he started his job hunt. 

We are hoping for the best with all of my connections that everything will turn out okay.  But just think of the stress we could have been spared if the client hadn't waited until the last minute.

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