Friday, February 17, 2012

Saving Money on Kid's Clothing

Frugal Friday

We love our children, but they can really put a drain on our bank accounts. It costs a lot of money to raise them--food, clothing, education. So we try to save money wherever we can. One way to save money is on their clothing. Here are some tips to keeping them clothed and still have money to spare.

• Buy clothes slightly larger than their size. You can hem sleeves and pants, then let them down when your children grow.
• Find friends and family with children older than yours. Ask for hand-me-downs. Then find a family with children younger than yours and return the favor.
• Dress them for the occasion. If your children will be outside playing, dress them in darker colors to hide the dirt/stains.
• Don't wash their clothes as often. They will last longer. This may mean not letting them change their outfit several times a day, and not letting them throw something in the hamper that they only wore for a few hours.
• Bleach will wear down fabrics. Use detergents with non-chlorine bleach instead.
• Don't cave into the pressure of designer clothes. They are overpriced.
• Search clearance racks at the end of a season and purchase clothes in a larger size for the next year.
• Shop at consignment stores. You can find great deals on nice clothes.

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