Friday, February 10, 2012

Couponing to Save Money

Frugal Friday

One of the best ways to save money while shopping is through coupons. There are even television shows about extreme couponing and how to save as much as 100% on your purchases. While some of their practices are controversial (using coupons on alternate items, buying 20-30 items at once, taking coupon inserts from the garbage, etc.), there are sensible ways to save money. Here are some tips for the grocery store and retail shops.

• Sign up for newsletters and mailing lists (email). Often there are better savings than advertised if you are a member of their club.
• Watch for sales to coincide with your coupons.
• Take note of expiration dates and use your coupons accordingly. Check with store policy about expired coupons, as some stores (Bed, Bath & Beyond) will accept any coupon.
• Check store policy on matching prices. Some will not only match the competitor's price but also give an additional amount over that.
• Search for coupons in the following places: Newspapers, magazines, in the store.
• Look online for coupons before heading out to the store, either on the store's site, or at sites like
• Before shopping online, visit for retailer coupons (often for a discount or free shipping).
• Check product packaging at the store. Some manufacturer's put coupons on the item.

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