Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Maximizing Space in Your Bedroom

Tips for Tuesday

How many bedrooms do you have in your house? Enough for each family member to have their own? What size are your bedrooms? Are they spacious with large closets? Or do you own an historic home with small rooms and small closets?

Whether you have small bedrooms or not enough, there are techniques you can use to maximize the space in your home.

• If you don't have room in your bedroom for a chair, buy a wedge or back support to read in bed.
• Rather than having a full headboard, save a few inches by hanging draperies or fabric behind the bed.
• Purchase a bed with built-in storage beneath the bed, or…
• Put your bed on risers so you can place boxes/bins underneath.
• Use wall space for storage--hang netting for stuffed toys, install shelves around the perimeter of the room, etc.
• Purchase beside tables with built-in storage, such as a file cabinet or one with several drawers.
• Install closet organizers to maximize space.
• Use tall, narrow dressers that will take up less floor space.
• Place a dresser in your closet to save room in your bedroom.

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