Monday, February 27, 2012

Moving With Children

Moving on Monday

Moving is stressful enough. But add children into the mix, and the days leading up to and including the move can be horrendous. The most important thing to remember is to include them in the process. You don't want to make them feel that they are being left out or ignored.

Even at a young age, they can help. Children should go through their own possessions, and help decide what to keep and what to give away. Have them help with packing up their rooms.

They should help decide which room they have in the new house, and how they want it arranged and decorated. Look for compromises if their requests are outrageous. For example, they want red walls with a black bedspread. Compromise with light walls, and a red and black bedspread with red curtains and pillows.

Help them through the process of saying good-bye to friends if you are moving out of the area. Host a party and take photos of each of their friends as mementos.

If the children are young, arrange for a babysitter the day of the move. You will have enough to do without having to change diapers or carry around a cranky toddler. If the children are older, enlist their help. They should be able to pack, carry light items and clean up after a room is emptied.

Pack bags for everyone. Include clothes for a few days, and a few things to keep them entertained if there is a car trip or plane ride involved. Make sure their favorite stuffed animal or blanket are accessible throughout the process.

Finally, they should help in the unpacking process. Don't worry if they throw things haphazard into drawers and closets. You can always tidy things up later. If they are involved, they feel happier in their new space.

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