Thursday, February 2, 2012

Being Prepared for a Winter Storm

Senior Thursday

Now that we are in the midst of winter and the blizzards that come with this time of year, it is important to keep yourself safe in the event of a storm. There are things you can do before, during and after a snow storm to stay safe.

• Stock up on basic food items that will last you three days.
• Fill your car tank with gas.
• Purchase a generator for back-up power if your electricity tends to go out during a storm.
• Store water in the bathtub if you rely on an electric sump pump for water.
• Purchase a propane heater, but be very careful when using to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Always open a window for venting, and don't run it 24 hours/day.

• Stay inside! Don't drive, don't shovel. You might slip and fall and get buried by a plow. It's happened!
• Monitor weather on a battery-operated radio.

• Don't shovel if there is more than an inch of snow, or if it is extremely icy. Hire a neighbor to help, or call a family member.
• Don't go out until your driveway/walkway is clear and dry.
• Report any power outages to your utility company.
• Report any property damage to the village.
• Call your insurance agent if you have damage to your property.

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