Friday, January 20, 2012

Saving Money in the Garden

Frugal Friday

Yes, there is snow on the ground. But we can dream of spring, can't we? In fact, nurseries and landscapers are already gearing up for the busy growing season.

We all want beautiful yards, with colorful flowers and shady trees. But this all costs money. Sometimes a lot of money. So where can you cut down on your costs? here are some ways to have a beautiful yard without dipping into your savings.

• Take good care of your garden tools. Clean them when you are done and store them dry so they don't rust.
• Convert your lawn into a garden. Flowers and vegetables are less money to maintain and produce food for you.
• Use plants indigenous to the region so they require less water.
• Soot, sawdust, coffee grounds and banana peels from around the home make great no-cost fertilizers.
• Garlic cloves buried in the soil will deter pests.
• White vinegar sprayed directly on weeds will kill most of them.
• Don't throw away old seeds. Test their viability by soaking them in water. Good seeds will not float.
• Don't water your lawn unless absolutely necessary. It will just go dormant in a drought. Only extreme heat and drought will kill it.
• Water your plants in the early morning or late evening so the sun doesn't evaporate the moisture.
• Longer grass holds moisture better than short grass.
• Make your own compost with your household waste.

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