Thursday, January 26, 2012

Car Features for Senior Caregivers

Senior Thursday

If you frequently find yourself transporting a senior family member, consider their safety when transporting them in your car. Some cars are better than others for taking seniors to and from their appointments.

Low-slung sports cars are not functional for seniors any more than large trucks. Seniors find it difficult to get into and out of anything too high or low. SUVs and cross-overs have seats that are about hip height and easy for them to slide into.

Always make sure your seat belts are functional. Purchase a seat-belt extender if you are driving around someone who is overweight. Extenders can be easily snapped in/out as needed, and fit into your glove box.

You might also be transporting medical equipment such as a wheelchair, walker or oxygen tank. Make sure there is plenty of room in your car for these items. If they don't fit in the trunk, will they fit in the back seat?

Finally, be mindful of their comfort. Don't have the car too hot or too cold, and ask first if you want to turn on the radio. If a senior is hard of hearing, they may not be able to hear you above the radio, even at low levels

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