Friday, January 27, 2012

Being Frugal with Finances

Frugal Friday

With the cost of everything rising, we are always looking for ways to reduce our bills. Over the last few months, we've been covering many different areas of our lives where we can do exactly that. This week, we're looking at how to be frugal with your finances.

• Pay someone to do your taxes for you. Yes, the initial outlay will cost you, but the increase on your return will more than pay for it.
• Avoid ATM fees. Don't use ATMs that are out of your network.
• Ask your credit card company to reduce your interest rate. If you've had the card for a while, and have always paid on time, chances are they will offer you a lower rate.
• Contest any and all bank and credit card fees that you think are unreasonable. Many will give you a pass on the first one or two infractions.
• Consolidate student loans,
• Purchase all your insurance through the same company for multi-policy discounts.
• Keep a record (video, photo or list) of all your possessions in case you need to make a claim.
• Pay your insurance premiums on an annual basis to avoid finance charges.
• Consider increasing your deductible to lower your premium.

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