Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Maximizing Space in Your Bathroom

Tips for Tuesday

Do you have a small bathroom? Or maybe yo have only one bathroom for the entire family? I was raised in a family of eight, with only one bathroom in the house. I was one of five sisters with one brother. If that wasn't a bathroom challenge, I don't know what was!

But we somehow survived. We had schedules, and everyone pitched in to help keep it clean and tidy. As soon as there was a pile of towels, they were tossed in the wash, then returned to the linen closet. There was a family shampoo that everyone used, rather than six favorites lining the shower. If you used up the toilet paper, you'd better go downstairs and get more to replenish the stock. We made it work because we had to.

If you have a small bathroom, there are ways to maximize the space and make it functional for the entire family.

• If floor space allows, have a hamper in the bathroom to collect dirty clothes and towels.
• If you have a pedestal sink, hang a curtain on the outside of the bowl and hide supplies behind it.
• If you have a cabinet sink, install a two-tier slide-out drawer for storing toiletries.
• Store cleaning items behind the toilet on the floor.
• Collect bath toys in a mesh bag or dish drainer.
• If you need a seat in the bathroom, install a fold-down seat so you won't use up floor space with a chair.
• Use the corners in the shower stall for corner shelves or tension rod storage for your shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.
• Group toiletries together in like categories to find them easily.
• Store bulk items like toilet paper in another room.
• Utilize wall space by installing a cabinet or shelving in empty space.

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