Monday, August 1, 2011

De-cluttering Your House to Sell

Moving On Mondays

Before any interior staging is done, you should de-clutter your home. No matter how new the paint or how clean the carpet, if your house has piles of magazines on the floor, toys lined up against the walls, or boxes stacked in your spare bedroom, potential buyers will walk away with the impression that the house is not cared for properly. They will most likely not look past the clutter to see the benefits of the home.

• Clean not only what you can see but also what’s behind closed doors
• Make it look like there’s room to spare in closets and cabinets and on shelves
• There should be ample room for walking around furniture—store extra pieces you're keeping for the new home
• Keep packed boxes to a minimum—place them in temporary storage
• Collections should be packed away
• Pack away bulky toys
• Remove bins/boxes from under beds or other furniture
• Remove extra art from walls (potential buyers will think ‘repairs’ from all the holes)
• Schedule weekly pick-ups with your favorite charity

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